Rikkí Wright

Is a Photographer and Filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. Her work explores notions of community and sisterhood, especially among women of color, and looks at the way a community can mold or expand our ideas of femininity and masculinity, strength and beauty. 

Wright grew up with two older sisters who were her best friends and her source of support through life’s trials and tribulations, beginning with the loss of Wright’s mother at the age of two. Her sisters taught her the power of having women by her side who she could be real with and depend on, and her work seeks to capture this sense of power. At the same time, she felt the void of her mother intensely, and her youth was marked by a constant sense of searching for examples of femininity and motherhood. At her grandmother’s house, she would spend hours studying the poses and gestures of the women in the family portraits hanging on the walls. Wright’s aunt was also a photographer, and she would accompany her aunt to the studio and marvel at the way women would command their bodies before the camera. Photography became a way for Wright to explore the void left by her mother, using the camera to imagine different possibilities for womanhood. As her art has evolved, Wright has sought to question the lines dividing femininity from masculinity, and challenge traditional ideas of what masculine strength should look like. 

Wright has always gathered inspiration from the natural world, and her work is concerned with the way the environment and the individual shape each other. 

Wright enjoys working with brands and people whose purpose is aligned with authenticity and honesty. Whether she is photographing beauty or social injustice, she strives to tell a story that springs from the truth of lived experience. 




"a ritual of sisterhood" | official selection for short experimental film | 8th annual blackstar film festival - philadelphia, pa

"in hopes of realizing a dream we hold dear" | group show 2019 | pomona college - claremont, ca

"sis." | solo show 2019 | nous tous gallery - los angeles, ca

"sis." | solo show 2019 | the greens collective - columbus, mo


"yes, and the body has memory" | group show 2018 | law warschaw gallery - saint paul, mn

"sis." | solo show 2018 | j3collection gallery - leimert park, los angeles, ca

"sis." | solo show 2018 | junior high - hollywood, los angeles, ca

"visual reference" vol. 1: cultural identities | artists in conversation | residency arts - los angeles, ca


"city of ink 10th anniversary" group exhibition | city of ink gallery - atlanta, ga


"raw." | solo show | miami, fl


"thoughts of cecilia" | delicious people group show | UAH - huntsville, al



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