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A Conversation with Translee

Translee in Los Angeles, CA
Translee in Los Angeles, CA

Huntsville, Alabama is a special place. Not only was it a city that I lived in for 2 years, but Huntsville and the surrounding cities tend to breed a special group of creatives that will have you second guessing any thoughts you had about the state of Alabama. Artist such as, Translee.


Translee, a Huntsville raised, Atlanta based MC is taking the Hip-Hop scene into his own hands and molding it into something that will be remembered forever. His style of rhyming is truly something unique. In an interview with XXL, Translee actually stated that he is going to be the next "Savior of the South", and all the moves he has been making lately are proving to be stepping stones in that direction.


I was excited to be able to meet up with Translee on a recent trip he made to Los Angeles, to get some behind the scenes of what he's been up to this year. Here's what he had to say:


Rikk: For those who may not know your story, what made you start this musical journey?

Translee: For those that don’t know, my mother passed away when I was 16. I never talked much about it with family/friends so I needed an outlet. Music was a way to get certain feelings out I knew needed release. I would’ve went crazy otherwise if I held them in. Then over time music became my passion and now I can’t live without it. When I met my manager Chris Hunter he helped me focus my rapping talent and we began building our team. The rest is history!


Rikk: How has your project #MAOTP changed your musical career?

Translee: This project has re-built my faith in music. I got back to making the music that made me feel good and the people responded. Major blog publications and major labels began reaching out solely from hearing the music on this project. Nothing more nothing less. We live in a world where most artists have colored hair and do backflips on social media to get attention. I’m beginning and ending with the music. #MAOTP did that for me. I plan on making part 2 even better.

Rikk: Your most played track from the project is “Lost in the Sauce” Explain to us how this song came about, and how you feel it has impacted your life and others.

Translee: Outside of “Humble” this is probably the oldest track from the project. I did this track a little over a year ago (around oct 2015 ish). I was at that breaking point with music where I didn’t know what was going on and I needed to get things off my chest. I knew I was a good rapper but I didn’t know what I wanted my vibe to be. Got a beat from the producers known as “Tha Officialz” and was able to create the song. I figured it would buy me some time while I finished the project. It actually did more than just buy time because the people really responded. It was even the song that got Tip interested in me as an artist. I still plan on this song winning some type of award somewhere….we’ll see…..


How has working with artist such as T.I. and B.o.B. changed/shaped your music/career?

Translee: If anything it’s made me believe anything is possible. It’s made me believe that you can speak things into your world because of how I mentioned their names in “ Lost in the Sauce”. I’ve wondered for quite some time whether I was ready work with major artists. Or whether I was good enough. This is proof.


Rikk: Do you have a different approach when writing for other artist versus writing for yourself?

Translee: Most definitely! If I haven’t seen it, done it, know someone who done it, been around it….then you won’t see me rapping about it. Point blank period. When thinking of songs for other people it’s always an alternate world you have to live in. But that’s cool too. Im wit it. I plan on doing more writing for other people in the future as the opportunities arise.


Rikk: When can we expect #MAOTP pt.2? What’s next for Translee? 

Translee: Me and my team (Digital Native Culture) are still working on the music for Part 2 so there’s no projected release date set yet. I still have some growth with part 1 I have to do first. Plus a string of visuals from Part 1 we are releasing top of the year. What else is Next for me? ….more music more love more positivity more vibes and hopefully more money. I want to use my platform to influence people in a positive way so anything working in that direction is what’s next for me.  


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