A Conversation With Cristina Martinez


Dope women inspire me. Period. Women who are chasing their dreams and who are defying the odds of the "status quo" life that people feel they are supposed to live. Cristina Martinez is one of these women.


After being on set of a photoshoot with one of Cristina's best friend's, I fell in love with her energy and work ethic, and knew that I had to get to know her a little better.


Cristina was born and raised in Tacoma, WA, & left home at 18 with the idea of attending a four year University and starting a career. Three years into that pursuit, she dropped everything to follow her true dream of creating her own brand. She is the artist and creator behind June & Mars, an art brand with a focus on fashion- based out of Los Angeles, CA.

"It's ok to truly express the truest form of you" -Cristina Martinez

I was able to sit down and ask Cristina a few questions about how she chooses art as her form of expression, motherhood, and how she wants to inspire those around her. (I was so happy when she agreed to still do this video interview even though she was sick, so that explains the sound of her voice.)

Check out the video above!


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