A Conversation With Exquisite Eye

Breyona Holt, the girl behind Exquisite Eye.

Breyona Holt photos by Rikkí Wright
Breyona Holt photos by Rikkí Wright

Exquisite is the perfect word to describe this woman. Breyona Holt is the person behind the brand that is Exquisite Eye. She is a young 22 year old photographer who is living out her dreams by chasing them on the daily basis. The true definition of a creative hustler.


From Atlanta, a creative hub on the rise, Breyona is a freelance Photographer and Blogger. After graduating from Stockbridge High School and attending Savannah State University for only a year, Breyona decided to take her  professional photography career more serious and jump into that full-time.


After interning and assisting with her mentors and other photographers that she looks up to, Breyona has had her work showcased on many different platforms from the cover of Angie Stone's album "Dream", Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, art shows in the Atlanta area, and most recently she was a featured artist in a group show in Los Angeles, CA. We met up at the Annenberg Space For Photography where her work was featured amongst other women from across the country.


#girlgaze: a frame of mind :

Is an interactive, digitally driven exhibit for all ages that maps the imaginative landscape of young, female and trans-identifying photographers from around the world. Largely sourced through social media, the curated images’ raw vitality is their only constant –  female, WOC, and trans-identifying  perspectives are presented on everything from identity and standards of beauty to relationships, mental health and creativity. While viewing these stunning, never-before-exhibited images, visitors will have the opportunity to create and share their own photos on social media.

Photo by Exquisite Eye
Photo by Exquisite Eye

The exhibit curators are Girlgaze, a collective founded by the famed British-born television host, women’s advocate and photographer Amanda de Cadenet. Girlgaze began as a social media movement with over 450,000 submissions on Instagram and has grown into the first multimedia platform to support girls behind the camera. In addition to its digital showcase for images, Girlgaze provides a larger ecosystem supporting the work and careers of fledgling female and gender-nonconforming  photographers, artists and creatives, from providing grants to securing jobs.

I was fortunate to not only have met Breyona but actually work with her for a brief period of time while I was living in Atlanta, GA. Which is why I can truly say she is a go getter! We share similar backgrounds, both of us having lost our mothers at a young age and both using a camera as our choice of weapon. I knew I had to interview her and allow her to share with us!


Breyona's work will be on exhibit here in Los Angeles from OCT 22, 2016 - FEB 26, 2017 so if you are in the area please do yourself a favor and check out her work and all of the other amazing female photographers. 

You can see more of her work right here on her blog Exquisite Eye.