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A Conversation with Hip-Hop Artist Jay Dot Rain


Being born in Alabama, and having the south be such a huge part of my history and culture, I was instantly a fan of Hip-Hop artist Jay Dot Rain (JDR).

I feature artist who I believe are making a rise not only in their art-form, but also within their community and the culture. Jay Dot is doing JUST that. I met JDR a few years ago in Alabama and he has been on the rise ever since.

Jay Dot Rain in Los Angeles, CA
Jay Dot Rain in Los Angeles, CA

The music artist of today are the ones who are shaping our culture and they hold they key to the hearts and minds of the masses, there aren't many hip-hop artist today that can say they were relentlessly pursuing their dream while at the same time grinding in school for a degree, which JDR obtained his from Alabama A&M University.


His rhymes are filled with passion and soul that you can tell stemmed from somewhere, and I linked up with JayDotRain to ask him a few questions about just that:

Rikk: You recently tweeted, “Can’t break down cause i’m too close to my breakthrough” What are some things you do to stay motivated and on the path as a hip-hop artist?

JayDotRain: I’m a very religious person. I was raised in the church so before anything, I like to pray. I've found myself getting closer to God the older I've got. Definitely a lot of prayer. Aside from that, I like to listen to Jay Z, one of my favorite artists. I’ll just put his whole catalog on random and shake back into focus.


Rikk: You now live in Atlanta, once of Hip-Hop’s meccas, how does the culture of Atlanta compare to the Alabama culture?

JayDotRain: Well, stating the obvious;  Atlanta is a much larger and progressive city. I think of ATL as a hub for many different cultures, races, styles, etc. Alabama isn't on that same wave so much. It's always something to do in Atlanta so I try to stay out and interact with people. You never know who you're going to run into.

Rikk: Explain to us your motto “Risk or Regret”

JayDotRain: It started as a bar in a song and it just stuck. It's how I live my life now. So many times people miss out on an opportunity because they are afraid of what could happen. I turned it into my lifestyle. I'm all about taking risks.

"The risk is always worth the reward."

Rikk: How has this motto led you to where you are today as a man and as a Hip-Hop artist?

JayDotRain: A lot of my biggest opportunities came from following that motto. I've traveled to Cali broke. Went to NYC and didn't know where I would sleep; it just depends on the type of faith you have. Which goes back to question 1. I like to utilize my faith. I’m still growing, and it's not for everyone. Everyone can't take risks and be successful. I just like to think me and the man upstairs have an understanding and he always looks out.

Rikk: How do you hope to contribute to the overall hip-hop scene?

JayDotRain:I just want to be a guy who is respected for being himself and staying true to the process. I've played my role and everything I have now is just a testament to my hard work. I want my state to respect me and the youth to be hopeful about their future if they want to live their dreams.

Rikk: What should we be on the lookout for? What’s next for Jay Dot Rain?

JayDotRain:I have a new project out right now “CFC3”. You can stream that on I'm featured on Scotty ATL’s new single “So High” off his Daily Bread project. A lot of videos on the way, a lot of shows coming sooner.