Get Your Life!

A Conversation with J. Chavae


If you remember my last post of 2016 where I came up with a list of things that I wanted to work on in 2017, then you remember self love and self care being two things that I wanted to master this year.


Surrounding myself with individuals who's life mission is aligned with this same desire is imperative for me to continue to grow in these areas. If you have been following my conversation series on this blog then you know how inspired I am by women, women of color to be specific. There's just a feeling that comes over me when I see someone who looks like ME, actually winning in this white dominated world.


I have been following J. Chavae (Jaz) on Instagram for a few years now, & I have been wanting to connect with her and learn more about what it is that she actually does. Her page served as a source for inspiration for me. Her words are written with intention and her photos are so transparent.


I was able to sit down with her while in Atlanta, GA to ask her a few questions.

"Self care is, something as simple as making yourself tea and sitting down for 5 minutes a day. - J. Chavae"

Learn more about her business "On Self Love", and reasons why self care is so important to her in in video above!


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