Love Is...

Happy Valentine's Day guys! Thank you so much for showing this blog love and receiving the love that I give to you.  -Rikkí

Love is Patience...

The world we live in today is so consumed with "fast results" we want everything in an instant and become obsessed with this unhealthy mentality. There's a quote that a good friend of mine always says, "Haste, makes waste!" Things done is a hasty manner can lead to mistakes being made, forcing you to redo or undo that mistake, wasting time. When things could have just been done the right way the first time, with patience.

There's a life lesson that I take away from that quote. I actually repeat it to myself whenever I am feeling anxious or pressured to complete something. Show yourself, and others around you more love by practicing patience.


Love is Kind...

Being kind to people will get you further in life than being rude, simple. One small act of kindness can change someone else's day in ways you have no idea. People have made my day just by being kind to others and I was there to witness it. It lets me know that there is still hope for us as a human race. Love is kindness and to show love to yourself and other's throughout your daily journey is the ultimate act of being kind!

Love is Being Happy For Other's Success...

This world of comparison we live in can become a bit of a distraction. Especially for those who tend to measure their success around the success of their peers and loved ones.

Why does this person have this and I don't? Why did they get this opportunity and I didn't? ...that way of thinking will leave you in a great depression. Once you can search and see your own uniqueness and realize that your path is YOUR path you will feel a great sense of relief. You are enough and what is for you is for YOU, so be happy for others! Celebrate with your friends and show them you recognize their hard work and efforts.


Love is being Humble...

Check your ego at the door! Regardless of your achievements, always remain humble. It's ok to be CONFIDENT in yourself, but once that confidence begins to become a passive aggressive way of boasting around your friends and loved ones, thats when it has gone wrong. Humility is key.

Love is Empathy...

I have experienced people in my life who seem to have no empathy whatsoever, this type of person see's the world with a singular view and has no intentions on another point of view.

When you are able to put yourself in someone else's shoes, you are showing them that you actually care. That you want to really understand what is going on and how they feel. Living life empathetically can give your life a new/positive perspective.


Love is not something that you should take lightly. Putting love into all that you do can enrich your life in ways you never knew. If you are an artist, putting real love, feelings, emotions of yourself and others into your artwork can turn what would have been ordinary to you extraordinary to someone else.

Create more love within yourself to be able to shine that love within out to others around you.

Find somebody to LOVE on today!!! Ready ....set.....

I totally jacked that from a friend of mine's Facebook status but I felt it was the perfect way to end this post!