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Welcome To Junior High

Model @mellamojules
Model @mellamojules

Junior High is  a magical space located in Hollywood, CA. I call it magical because of the sense of community that instantly comes over you as soon as you walk into the door. A feeling of love, maybe because of all the glorious shades of pink that are occupying the space, (you know how powerful color can be!). Nonetheless, I had to share my love for this community space that is run by faye orlove / @fayeorlove.

Junior High launched a kickstarter to help fund another year of events and activism, so I wanted to share this post as a way to spread the awareness and to help keep spaces like this open and thriving!

Junior High is a community space that promotes the artistic pursuits of marginalized voices through activities and arts education. They have tons of information/creative events and exhibitions every month.

I recently had to opportunity to shoot some product shots for their new online shop that now now open. You can view some of the shots we created in the gallery above!

Junior High is also a retail store and gallery. If you're ever in LA their hours are:

THURSDAY noon-6pm FRIDAY noon-6pm SUNDAY noon-5pm

Make sure you check out their calendar as well for monthly events.