How to Transition Your Summer Looks To Fall


For the past like 4 years I haven't experienced a real fall/winter. I was living in the south for a few years while I was finishing school in Alabama and the winters there are't that harsh, it snows, but not that much. Then I moved to Atlanta, GA after that and the winters were even less cold. Last winter I couldn't even tell that it was winter because I was living in Miami, where its basically NEVER cold.


Here I am one year later at the beginning of Fall and I'm wondering what the heck to do with all these summer clothes that I LOVE to wear and have been wearing all year round. I live in sunny LA now and although it's sunny throughout the day, the nights get kind of chilly, especially in the fall.

I teamed up with a designer that I met here named Katrina Paz. She is the owner of clothing line "Made by Kae". I was hired to shoot looks for some of their new designs and I instantly fell in love with the style of clothes she makes.


Simple, comfortable, yet sexy is how I felt when I wore one of the halter catsuits from her collection. I loved the catsuit so much I wanted to know: how can I wear this back-out bodysuit this fall?


I asked Katrina if she could share some of her tips on how to transition some of your favorite summer looks to fall this year!


You can find out more about Made by Kae by clicking HERE!