Comfort + Style


During the winter months, I tend to dress more on the bummy side, simply because, IT'S COLD AF!!! I seriously can wear sweatshirts and leggings everyday, and not feel bad about it.

My personal style changes all the time and is relative to my mood/how I'm feeling that day. Sometimes its a battle between being comfortable or being stylish, and comfort always wins. BUT the two can coexist.


I'm one of those people who are always cold, so I need to have layers in the fall/winter or my body will just feel frigid. Some of my favorite go to items in the winter are a nice THICK pair of leggings. Not the ones from F21 that you can dang near see through if they are too tight, but a really good quality pair. My favorite leggings I have are my Adidas 3-Stripes Leggings. They seriously keep me warm because of how thick they are. I usually pair it with my matching Adidas pullover sweater.


Another majorrrrr key, is having a decent jacket/coat. Since I am living in Cali right now and we get some chilly/frosty nights, but those days are usually mild, with temps in the upper 50s or low 60s, so I don't really need a heavy coat.


My favorite outterwear this fall/winter has been my lightweight Dylan Trench by American Apparel. I seriously love everything American Apparel, they are such a great brand and make some of THE BEST basics that you actually need. This year I actually found myself wearing a lot from the AA brand.


What are some ways you stay comfy yet stylish in the winter? Comment Below.