Love, Beatrice


So far in 2017 I have been on track with my goals. Being more socially conscious was a goal of mine and supporting more small businesses with an emphasis on black owned businesses has been very important to me.

Shana Bea founder of Love, Beatrice
Shana Bea founder of Love, Beatrice

Last month I had to opportunity to meet with and shoot the beautiful owner of "Love, Beatrice",  Shana Bea.


Pulling brand inspiration from her Nana, Clarece Beatrice Fletcher, every detail of each bag is made with a lot of love and a lot of patience. Shana is a one woman team, buying fabrics, styling, designing, hand crafting and shipping each bag from the comforts of her creative space. Living a very healthy lifestyle, Shana made it her mission to create each bag using sustainable materials, only. From PVC free vegan leather fabric to organic zippers, to vegetable tanned embossed labels. Each Love, Beatrice bag is handmade and cruelty-free.

I had no idea that when we shot that she would come bearing gifts ( I am forever grateful for ). We shot a few simple shots of her and her Love, Beatrice bags.


After the quick shoot, Shana let me pick a bag that I wanted to keep, ( I almost died ya'll, so sweet!) and I chose the "Tori" bag which is literally the most perfect bag for me! Not too big, but not too small, it really is ther perfect size. I can put my camera, my wallet, & small makeup bag all inside this bucket shaped bag and still have some wiggle room in there.

Not only is the bag the perfect size, it's made with so much love (as are all of Shana's products) but just to give you some deets, the Tori Bag is made up of a vegan suede upper, a vegan leather bottom, lined with a printed canvas material with a chain strap. So not only does the bag look and feel bomb, it makes you FEEL great to wear it, knowing that all these materials were naturally sourced.


Speaking of naturally sourced things, Love, Beatrice also has an all natural skin care line called "Body By Bea", and baby, let me tell you.


Shana let me try some of the lemon rosemary lip balm, and also the honey oatmeal handcrafted soap. The soap is now gone by the way because I used it everyday until the bar disappeared...I was slightly depressed when I ran out, but that's ok because I will be purchasing another bar soon!


I love that she uses candelilla wax for all her balms because that is a vegan alternative for beeswax. Although I'm not vegan I love when brands cater to those who may have restrictions to the ingredients that they can use due to their diet or lifestyle. So thoughtful.


The Tori bag and so many other beautiful handmade products can all be found at Love, Beatrice.