Artist Adele Supreme's Guide To Having A Good Day


I wont get into any political matters here today. I just want to spread love and peace to everyone who may be needing it. A lot of us woke up this morning confused, and unsure of what is to come. Last night while feeling doubtful and scrolling through my Instagram feed, I ran across an illustration from artist Adele Supreme that totally put this entire situation into perspective.

After reading this I reached out to Adele and asked her if I could share this post:

Don't Panic.

Nothing has power over you unless you allow it to.You're bigger than what's going on. Stay focused on your peace and the love you have around you. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen.You're still alive and whole. This is all an illusion anyway. This life is a walk through, there's more afterwards. Focus on this human experience and all of the opportunities to live life abundantly. 

Photo from Adele Supreme's Instagram
Photo from Adele Supreme's Instagram

She offered some tips called "Adele Supreme's Guide to Having a Good Day" that I thought were so perfect and I had to share:

  1. You know those accounts that post things that, when you see em, make your heart race? Yeah, go ahead and unfollow all that shit, dude.
  2. Before you go to bed, watch something that makes you feel nostalgic or just plain ol' good! Falling asleep to cartoons is always nice. I recommend Doug. The music on that show is so soothing.
  3. DO NOT pick up your phone the moment you wake up! Instead, say a prayer, meditate, kiss the person you woke up next to or just pick up on that cartoon you fell asleep to. Anything but the phone. Or the news.
  4. I told you to unfollow those accounts...Make sure you do. And avoid your explore page. It's a cesspool of opinions that often hold no validity so you can't allow those to get you bent outta shape. Focus on you.
  5. Laugh as often as possible.
  6. Be kind to people. You'll be surprised to see how healing love REALLY is.
Photo from Adele Supreme's Instagram
Photo from Adele Supreme's Instagram

She posted this post a little bit before bedtime on the west coast, I think this guide is a great list to refer back to whenever you just want to have a GOOD DAY!

Thank you for your words and illustrations! You can check out more of Adele Supreme's Artwork by clicking HERE!